New Paint by Numbers Arrivals - week 38-2021

Plenty of our customers are asking for this feature and this week we're starting with a weekly update of what's new in our store. You can confirm that it's not so convenient to browse through all of the categories to find new paintings that have just arrived. Some other stores use a category called "New Arrivals", but there's usually a ton of pictures and that's why it's better to make a summary of a few of the best ones each week. The subscribers to our newsletter will get them by email as well.

New Animal Painting Kits

For the romantic souls we have a Painting of Swans. This is a canvas that's perfect for a bedroom wall. If you're a gentle person, this one is for you. Next one is a bit more colorful, I would even say a vintage looking painting of a Yorkie dog. Yorkshire terriers are very popular and our cute and fresh Yorkie Paint by Numbers is great especially for young girls. So you know one that has a birthday soon, come and get the kit before it's sold out.

yorkie paint by numbers kit

The last animal canvas from today's newsletter is our painting of Koi Fish. You've probably heard of this special kind of ornamental carps that are bred and kept in outdoor pools in gardens not only in Japan, but around the world.

Latest City Painting Kits

First one we show you today is a painting of the London's Big Ben. Such a tourist attraction can't be missing in our collection of city paint by numbers canvases. If you want to make your own acrylic painting of the symbol of London, find the Big Ben Painting Kit here.

 Have you ever been to China? The Chinese cities are so huge. And we can say this especially about Hong Kong. One of the most developed areas in the world, just look at our Hong Kong Paint by Numbers Kit and tell us your opinion.

Modern Religious Painting of Jesus

If you're Christian, then you will definitely like this Abstract Painting of Jesus. The approach of the painting is very modern, it radiates, it emanates, the same like the personality of Jesus Christ does.

Modern Painting of Jesus

Halloween Diamond Paintings

Yes, autumn is approaching fast and in no time there's Halloween again! The funny time of people dressed like monsters and ghost, children shouting their "Trick or Treat" and carved pumpkins lit everywhere.

We've introduced Diamond Paintings some months ago and we have to say they're becoming more and more popular. We've the first few Halloween Diamond Paintings, but we also do have quite a few beautiful Halloween Paint by Numbers Kits as well.

Halloween Diamond Kit Scary Crow on Pumpkin

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