Watercolor paint by numbers or acrylic? Which is better?

Watercolor paint by numbers - what does it mean?

Watercolor paint by numbers is a vibrant, approachable form of art that's tailor-made for both kids and beginners. This isn't your standard paint kit. Here, we're talking about water-based paints that have a unique charm, offering a translucency that can't be achieved with acrylics. It's a gentle introduction to the art world for hobby artists.

These kits are a splendid way to dip into the watercolor paint experience. They come with everything required for a fun project, from the brushes to the pigments. They’re forgiving, making them perfect for young ones or any adult venturing into an adult craft project. With watercolors, mistakes can become part of your art's unique story, adding character to every piece.

The fluid nature of watercolors adds a dreamy quality to your work, encouraging experimentation with gradients and blends. It's about freedom within boundaries, ideal for someone who’s curious about exploring this medium. Whether it's a Sunday afternoon or a break from the digital screens, watercolor paint by number kits bring a splash of creativity to any day.

Journey to your first watercolor painting

Starting your journey with paint by number watercolor sets introduces you to the vibrant world of watercolor paint. Included in each kit is a fine point paintbrush, perfect for the delicate strokes required in watercolor artwork. A notable challenge with watercolors is the difficulty in covering the printed lines and numbers compared to acrylics. However, a white marker can assist in this aspect, ensuring your artwork remains clear and beautiful.

These kits typically feature engaging subjects like lush floral designs and mesmerizing Mandala patterns, designed to offer relaxation as you paint. The unique quality of watercolors adds a magical touch to each creation, inviting painters to immerse themselves in the calming process. Despite the initial challenges, the end result is a rewarding and aesthetically pleasing piece of art. Whether you’re picking up a brush for the first time or are looking to explore a new medium, watercolor paint by numbers promises a journey filled with discovery, creativity, and enjoyment.

Is painting with acrylic paints more difficult than with watercolor?

The debate between acrylic and watercolor paints in the paint by numbers world is much like choosing between two delicious kinds of pie – they're both delightful, but they satisfy different cravings. Acrylic paints are the vibrant paints that make colors pop and stand out. They offer a plethora of hues, making them a hit for those who want their artwork to be vivid and dynamic.

Acrylic is also known for being easy-to-apply. They're water-based as well, just like watercolors, but the similarity ends there. These non-toxic paints are favored for their quick-drying nature and their forgiving texture, which allows for overpainting without muddying up the canvas. In contrast, watercolor paint by numbers are rare to find. They present a different kind of challenge, one that requires a delicate balance of water and paint to achieve the desired effect.

So, is painting with acrylic paints more difficult? Not necessarily. It may take a little getting used to the fast-drying nature and the way they layer, but once you get the hang of it, acrylics are quite user-friendly. It’s all about what suits your style and your vision for your painted world.,

Creating your own acrylic masterpiece

When it comes to crafting a showpiece for your wall, choosing one of our acrylic paint by numbers kits is a step toward fun and artful expression. While watercolor paint by numbers are not easy to get, our collection of acrylic kits comes in a range of options suitable for all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, these kits allow you to complete a canvas with the confidence of achieving a famous artwork look-alike.

Our kits come with Paint by Numbers Tips to guide you through your artistic journey, making the process enjoyable and rewarding. With vibrant colors and a smooth application, acrylic paints offer the reliability and brilliance to bring your vision to life. From landscapes to portraits, our best-sellers provide a curated experience, ensuring that you have a quality project in hand.

Creating with acrylics isn't just about painting; it's about making art accessible. It's a way to turn a blank canvas into something that resonates with personal meaning, all the while enjoying the process of becoming an artist in your own right.

What's in the our Paint by number kits?

Opening up one of our Paint by Number kits, you'll find the essence of a mini artist's studio. Each kit is equipped with separate paint pots, bursting with a unique color palette that promises longevity; even up to one year, the paint maintains its lustrous quality without drying out. Inside, there's a fine point paint brush for those delicate details, along with a set of paint brushes to cover every possible stroke you'll need on the textured canvas.

This isn't just any canvas—it's a real artist canvas, offering a tactile experience far superior to watercolor paper, making these kits better than watercolor paint by numbers for many enthusiasts. You also have the option to choose a stretched canvas, adding an extra touch of professionalism to your work.

Forget the hassle of gathering supplies; our kits ensure everything you need is at your fingertips, and sometimes a few additional tools, to elevate your painting experience. It's about more than just painting—it's about stepping into the shoes of an artist and completing a piece of famous artwork on your own.

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