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Paint By Numbers Reviews

Based on 188 reviews

As described, and with good paints (which is rare for other Paint by Numbers Ive done)

It was easy to use!

I could send it to someone's email, no problem. I love the fact that it doesn't expire.


Excellent results our 3rd custom pic will use again

Lake in Alps
Trisha Mani
Lake in Alps

Was a great experience! Painting by numbers made it really easy to complete and I'm very happy with the finished painting :)

On the Flowery Path
James Walkowiak
Beyond the Flowery Gate

Beautiful, vibrant colors flank the stone path and leaves one to ponder what adventure awaits behind the creaking gate....this painting certainly brightens up any space and was well worth it, thank you very much!

Running Sneakers Splash
Lest Balthazar
Sneaker head adult son

I got so much joy out of creating this piece. I’m a try novice at PBN yet alone at painting. This was so much fun!! Some areas were a bit confusing due to small print and intricate spaces, but I love it.

Lighthouse in the Storm
Robert Celestini

Lighthouse in the Storm

Mucha Lady in Pink
Greta Bleick

Very Good

Custom designed

My mom just passed and that was a great way to help me through the difficult time and everybody loves it including myself and I know she would’ve thank you product is awesome. Definitely recommend it.

Golf Player
Debbe Fry
The golfer

Paints were in good condition and enough to complete entire painting. Numbers were light enough to be seen to select paint but were covered completely when applied. I would order from you again!

Very happy with my order

Very interesting and nice and pretty straight forward to assemble the canvas.

Custom Paint By Numbers
Marybeth Karnuth
My 1st custom painting

First custom of my golden retriever as a gift for my husband. All essential items were there with no issues to any of it. Love it and hope to order again real soon.

Great product!

Great product. I’ve done 2 and love them.

Antiques Store
SV Wilson
Stunning Pictures

I look forward to working on the collection I purchased. They are stunning and I relish the idea of getting stuck in as soon as possible. Thank you.

Path in the Flowery Field

Lovely and super fun!

I loved painting this canva, it was so relaxing and it turned out so pretty!! Definitely will buy more canvas on your website. 100% recommend it!!

Books to Read
Diana F
A great time for quiet

I love my Books to Read painting project. The company provided plenty of paint to work on the piece. I like the shading that guides me and the numbers are clear to follow. I am about half way through and look forward to my finished creation. It will hang proudly in my school library.... but more importantly, it has provided some mindful time in my busy life.

Colorful Butterfly
Susan Heffington
Fun relaxing

Nice easy to use and follow a great way to relax.

Custom Paint By Numbers
Pascal Carfantan


Tropical Beach House
David Wright
Good project.

The last few I've done have been very tedious, 1000's of tiny little spaces to paint. While it does make the painting more vivid, can get to the arthritis. This one has some larger areas and seems like you accomplish more, keeping you motivated. And the rolled canvas is so much easier than the folded ones I have to iron before stretching. Very satisfied.

An Angel of Hope
Sandra Berry

Was easy to do and my angel came.out beautifully


Very good result remarkably true to the photo. Colours and sharpness very good.

In God We Trust
Jeremiah Hennigar

Loved it

Vase Flowers
Gae Veit
Creative hobby

First time I have done a paint by numbers, enjoying it, will definately do more.