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Love the 8 x 8 size.

Custom Paint By Numbers
susan woodford

I am half way in my personalised picture painting of my grandson playing volleyball. Looking great. I have lots of my own pictures I intend to paint.
I find the paints, the canvas and the paper reproduction makes the procedure easier and more accurate therefore a professional end result

Beautiful Woman
Melissa Guy
Beautiful woman

Very fun to do. It’s a great challenge since it’s either little detail in excentricités shapes or big long and wavy piece to color. The only downside is that some of the Colors are too pale so I had to paint twice the same sections.

Blooming Opuntia Cactus
Marie Schilder
So Pretty

Paints flowed nicely! Great canvas!

Tribal Chief
Alan Van Portfliet
Indian Chief I really enjoyed

I enjoyed painting this picture. It was fun to see the end result little by little.

George Washington
Debra Jensen

Easy picture to do.

Cats and Fishbowl
cheryl bales
Cats and fishbowl

Received paint by numbers in timely matter looking forward to new picture to paint

Merry Snowman
Noreen Jaeger

It’s quite cute.I look forward do working on it .

Lake in the Alps

Very nice came out great 😊

Lady Autumn

exactly like i hoped it would be, having a lot of fun with it

The Beatles
Ricky Richards
Rain clone

This was a basic easy paint, the numbers were bold enough not to have to squint. The paints were all uniform. It’s easy to conform to the painters cardinal rule; stay in the lines. All in all a very enjoyable experience.

Excellent painting kit!!

Love these painting kits. This one had a great design and color pallet. The light and shadows make it so realistic!

Excellent design and color pallet

Loved painting this picture. The design is so pretty and the color pallet is as great. Light and shadows are so good!

Crow Paint by Numbers
Jennie Amicon

I really enjoyed this! It turned out great and it was therapeutic!

Saved by Jesus
Margaret McLeod

Excellent product enjoy the outcome tremendously.

Magical Night Sky

Nice colors came out great

Stained Glass Dragonfly
Barbara Schlatter

Enjoyed painting this colorful dragonfly. Very relaxing!

Grand Canyon Poster
Kristina Demack
So Easy and Fun

I love Painting By Numbers. The canvas is so easy to read and you get more than enough paint. They also provide a color key and paint brushes. I am on my third print.

it’s raining

Not dancing in the rain. Walking in the rain.

Abstract Mosaic Figure
Sofia Rodriguez vitali

Abstract Mosaic Figure

Custom print

Amazing! This exceeded my expectations! Tons of relaxing fun. I still have a lot to finish but I enjoy working on it slowly.

Whimsical Love Abstract
Ashley Gharibian
Whimsical Love Abstract

Super fun and soothing. Also very pretty!

Looks so Fine

The subtle variations in color make the roses appear so lifelike. The piece looks like fine art, when it is just simply a well-designed and carefully laid out paint-by-number.

Magical hummingbirds

Numbers are easy to see. Finished product is beautiful!

Love my poppies!

This is my fifth paint by number, but my first from Painting by Numbers Shop. By far the best quality of all, and I've ordered from three different companies. I've already ordered my next one, and will only order from Paint by Numbers in the future!