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Collection: Vintage Paint by Numbers

Our collection of Vintage Paint by Number Kits contains the most beautiful canvases with the theme of retro paintings. You'll find beautiful still-life pictures of flowers, landscapes with garden houses or country houses.

These canvas kits look like they were made many years ago. Working on these is a perfect way to calm down and relax. Whether it's the Garden Door or Vintage Bucket with Flowers, you can't go wrong with these paint by numbers. You can always try selecting one that looks a bit easier.

Why our vintage paint by number kits

Immerse yourself in the romance and charm of the bygone era with our Paint by Numbers kit. Each canvas draws inspiration from the past, allowing the artist in you to create your version of your beloved artwork. This is not just about painting; it's about learning and appreciating the nuances of timeless art.

From the thousands of vintage paintings in our collection, you might find yourself drawn to a Rembrandt-inspired piece or perhaps a quaint country house scene. Each stroke brings you closer to completing a piece that reflects both your skill and your love for the original artist's vision.

These kits are not only loved by art enthusiasts in America but also are appreciated by customers worldwide. Our paint by numbers kits for adults are more than just a shopping experience; they provide an opportunity for you to craft a tangible connection with the past.

Become an artist today

The canvases you create can become statement pieces on your wall, adding a touch of vintage color elegance to your home decor. The appeal of these kits lies not just in the beautiful art you create but also in the nostalgic journey they offer.

Moreover, we're pleased to provide shipping to numerous locations, ensuring that art lovers everywhere can enjoy our vintage paint by numbers kits. Regardless of your skill level, these kits provide a fantastic opportunity to learn and engage with art in a unique, fun and hands-on way.

Embrace the timeless beauty of vintage art, and let our kits guide you through this enriching creative journey. Don't just admire vintage art - create it with our Vintage Paint by Numbers kits.

Floral Vintage DIY Paintings

A beautiful merger of floral beauty and nostalgic charm takes form in our floral vintage DIY paintings. Each canvas in this category blends the gentle allure of nature with the timeless aesthetic of the vintage era.

From classic Victorian roses to countryside wildflowers, these designs transport you to a different time, allowing you to infuse your favorite paint with an essence of the past. Each floral paint by numbers kit provides a unique opportunity to recreate these charming visuals. The vibrant blooms contrast beautifully against the vintage backgrounds, resulting in a canvas that emanates both old-world charm and natural beauty.

The process is simple yet engaging. Following the numbered guide, you fill the canvas with colors, watching as the image gradually comes to life. As you paint, you not only form a picturesque scene but also get to appreciate the detailed composition of each flower, and the way each petal folds and curves.

This creative journey not only culminates in a stunning piece of art but also provides a deepened appreciation for the delicate beauty of flowers and the timeless elegance of vintage design. It's a wonderful way to experience the marriage of nature and nostalgia.

So, take a step back in time, delve into the world of floral vintage DIY paintings, and make something that's a testament to both the beauty of nature and the charm of yesteryears.