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Collection: Modern Paint by Numbers

Our modern Paint by Numbers Kits are a brilliant way to awaken your inner artist. Each kit serves as an interactive canvas that transforms into a stunning piece of home decor once complete. Not only are these kits a splendid means of self-expression, but they also make the perfect gift for a loved one, offering a creative journey they can embark upon. Once finished, your painting can be mounted on a frame, transforming your wall into a personal art gallery. Experience the joy of creating art with our Paint by Numbers Kits and elevate your living space with your own masterpiece.

What is a modern paint by numbers kit?

A modern paint by numbers kit is a fantastic tool that blends the world of art and creativity, providing adults a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. Typically, these kits feature various themes, including beautiful landscapes, abstract designs, animals, or even popular figures, offering endless inspiration. Each canvas comes with numbered sections that correspond with specific paint colors, making it easier for anyone to create a masterpiece. The best paint by number kits not only fuel your artistic passion but also create an opportunity for memorable experiences when shared with friends. It's truly a unique approach to painting that opens the doors to everyone, regardless of their artistic ability, even absolute beginners and for all ages.

The famous modern painters

The realm of modern art has been significantly influenced by famous painters like Picasso and Rene Magritte, whose innovative styles and unique perspectives have become iconic. These artists' work is a testament to the intricate process of creating art, from the initial project concept to the meticulous detailing in each piece. They transformed the way we perceive art, infusing deeper meanings into their creations and making each viewer a part of the completed work. Emulating their styles in your own art project can be an incredible journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement. It's a process that, once completed, leaves you feeling proud of your accomplishment and more connected to the world of art. And all this on top of spending quality time and fun.

Did not find your perfect DIY modern painting?

If you haven't found your ideal DIY contemporary painting yet, why not consider a custom paint kit? You can transform your favorite photo into a paint by numbers kit, allowing you to create a truly personalized piece of art. These personalized kits are suitable for all skill levels, providing an exciting avenue to discover the joy of crafts while working on the fine details of your chosen image. All that's left is to choose the photo you want to transform and wait for your custom kit to arrive. Embrace this chance to bring your cherished memories to life in vibrant color.

Unboxing modern paint by number kits

When you open one of our modern paint by number kits, you'll find a numbered linen canvas, marking each area to paint for ease and precision. The kit includes a set of paints in pots, ready for use with no mixing needed. For those who enjoy a polished look, an optional DIY frame kit is available, adding a personal touch to your finished piece. If you need more colors, extra paints are also available. Additionally, you can opt to get a framed canvas, making it ready to hang and display. These modern kits are thoughtfully designed for a seamless and enjoyable painting experience.