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Collection: Easy Paint by Numbers

If you're just starting out and you're looking for a fun activity, then your first easy paint by numbers kits for beginners are on this page. We've collected a number of nice and simple pictures for your first project that are easier to finish than the other ones. They mostly contain fewer details, but stay funny to work on and they will pull you into an amazing flow of creativity. These simple beginner kits are designed with fewer details for ease, but they're packed full of fun! They'll effortlessly draw you into a wonderful whirlwind of creativity, enabling you to lose yourself in the vibrant world of colors and patterns.

If you find these ones too easy and look for something more ambitious, you can try our Animal Paint by Numbers or Landscape Paint by Numbers Kits.

What are the best and easy paint by numbers?

The most suitable first painting for an ambitious artist is one that offer a balance between simplicity and challenge, enabling new artists to learn the basics while still creating a beautiful piece of art. They typically feature larger areas to paint and less intricate detail, making them less overwhelming for those new to the craft without worry.

For those interested in portraiture, Custom Paint by Numbers from photo allows beginners to paint a chosen photograph, giving the process personal touch and making it exciting. Remember, the best kit for beginners is one that aligns with personal interests, whether that's landscapes, animals, or portraits. They are a brilliant way to gift personalized artwork to your loved ones.

What's included in a paint by numbers kit?

The same as with other paint by number kits, they contain non-toxic high quality paints in paint pots, paint brushes of different sizes to be able to paint even thin lines, paint by numbers canvas, and the reference image. You can get the canvas rolled if you select the "no frame" variant, or DIY frame, or a fully framed one.

Don't forget that when you're working with acrylic paints, you start the painting process with light colors and then move on to dark colors. So grab your brush, canvas, and the first paint kit and start painting now.