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Collection: Ocean Paint by Numbers

Dive into our Ocean Paint by Numbers, where every kit is a splash of fun. Create your own sea turtle with our animal paint by number kits or bring famous paintings of seascapes to life. Experience the romance and serenity of the sea as you paint. With each stroke, you're not just painting a scene; you're giving life to a piece of the ocean. Our seascape paints help you capture the fluid beauty of water and the tranquility of underwater landscapes. It's about creating art that's as alive and vibrant as the sea itself.

Ocean Painting by Numbers

For thousands of years, the ocean has been an inspiration for artists. It's somehow special. Maybe it's due to the sound it is creating. The sound of splashing waves, its deep blue color, who knows. But there is something about it that attracts people's attention. If you ask people where they spend their holiday, the answer will be in most cases by the sea or at the beach.

Oceans cover most of the Earth's area. It's a mass of water hiding more kinds of living species than you can find on dry land. Those are ranging from microorganisms, fungi, plants, and seaweed to big animals. As we work with art, our paintings show mostly animals, waves in different forms, beaches, and ships.

What's in Our Ocean Paint by Number Kits?

Inside each of our Ocean Paint by Number Kits, you'll find a collection meant to stir the spirit of the sea. A set of acrylic paints in paint pots awaits, with colors chosen to capture the ocean's depth and vibrancy. They pair with a numbered linen canvas that guides your brush along the waves and sea life. Included is a set of paint brushes to ensure your painted seascapes have every detail crafted with care. Each kit comes unframed, with an optional DIY frame or a framed canvas to display your aquatic creation. It's not just a painting experience; it's a great gift for anyone who loves the ocean's call.

Sea Animals

Yes, even though you may know them as living on land, some of the mammals are aquatic. We speak about whales, seals, walruses, sea otters, and even polar bears. Many of them used to be a subject of commercial fishing which led to the extinction of some species, but due to the stop of this terrible killing, their numbers increased recently.

Sea turtles.
They are extremely popular and we’ve got quite a few beautiful paintings containing them. Male turtles never leave the sea, only females come to land to lay their eggs. There are 7 known species.

Scientists described until now approximately 20,000 species of fish. They’re so different in size, shape, and color that you would be amazed.

This kind of bird is very closely bound to the sea, this is why we mention them. They are able to drink salty water thanks to the salt glands.

Probably the biggest challenge when painting a sea is to match the different tones of blue, grey, and white to catch the complete atmosphere. This obviously isn’t a challenge for painting the sea by numbers. Our kits contained defined colors and there’s no need to mix colors to make your artwork perfect.

So did you find your favorite seascape painting? Do you prefer a holiday view with magnificent blue sky and almost turquoise color of the sea? Or would you rather spend your time making artwork with storming waves or a sunset sky? See below our selected pictures with the sea views.