8 Easy Painting Ideas on Canvas for Beginners

There are many ways how to enter the world of arts and one of them is to paint. People think it’s very difficult to start on their own because they believe that you need a lot of education and a lot of praxis to be able to paint something reasonable on canvas. That is not true, and therefore I am writing this article.
As the name of our website already suggests, we provide paint by numbers kits with acrylic paint and some easy painting ideas. This is really simple and this is why even absolute beginners can start and do it. But it’s like with anything even if your canvas has already the picture drawn in front of you, there are differences in skills needed to finish the canvas painting ideas. I’d like to show you now the easier ones everybody should begin with.

Look for simple colors and not complicated shading

You will need the less colors the better. At first you need to get experience and feeling about the color tone differences and how to apply them on canvas.

Modern paintings are easier to paint

I want to say don't look for realistic pictures, they're challenging to finish. Rather choose a modern painting with clear shapes, large areas and simple colors.

Acrylic painting ideas

We've selected a few simple painting ideas easy to finish, but beautiful and very popular. Have a look at them, browse though and I'm sure you're going to pick one of them eager to start your painting hobby.

Colorful Lion

The Colorful Lion canvas is an easy lion paintby numbers kit that’s very modern and it's shown in abstract colors. You wouldn’t believe how many people like this picture. The reason why it’s in our article today is because when you look at the details,  there are not so many. The larger areas you are about to paint, the easier it gets.

colorful lion easy painting idea


Frog with Glasses

Another easy animal kit that you must try is our Frog with Glasses Paint by Numbers Kit. Hundreds if not thousands have already bought this and it’s still a solid seller in our store. And what’s even better for you now is that it’s easy to paint. Therefore, it is also a great gift idea for art lovers. Many people look for senior paint by numbers kits and this canvas is a great example of it. We always recommend for seniors choose the bigger size to get larger areas to paint and not so small details. Even the numbers are then more readable and easier to see. And because of the funny look, we recommend this canvas for using it for paint and sip party at home. Your guests will love it and you'll have a lot of fund with it.

crazy frog - easy animal painting idea


Snow Mountains Lake

But people don’t just paint animals, that’s clear. Another big category that you can also search on our website for easy acrylic painting ideas is landscapes. Landscapes provide artists with many inspirations and variations of the topic – from mountains, forests, and rivers, to blossoming trees, flowing rivers, ocean waves, or fields of flowers playing with so many colors. The number of details on these paintings is bigger, but we do have easier ones. Here is one example – Snow Mountain Lake. Beautiful scenery with an interesting composition and an easy landscape to paint. The perfect reflection on the lake surface makes the picture awesome.

snow mountain lake landscape painting idea

Beach and Palm

Simple seascape acrylic painting with a big bending palm, two chairs on a sandy beach inviting you into the world of holiday and relax. Waves splashing in the breeze. Would you join this scenery? It’s a landscape acrylic painting idea that makes every painter excited to work on it.


 Beach and Palm Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

Van Gogh – Starry Night

A classic piece of art from the world’s most famous painter ever. Starry Night Paint by Numbers looks a bit weird at first sight, but this masterpiece is worth trying. It’s not so easy to paint and it brings a fantastic result and a great acrylic painting idea. And imagine how proud you will be showing it to your guests at home and telling them that it's not van Gogh who painted it.

van gogh starry night painting by numbers kit


Andy Warhol – Marilyn Monroe

To finish the cool acrylic painting ideas - another great painting for you to hang in your living room. The best-known Pop art painting and such an easy one to start your painting journey with. You will fall in love with this Marilyn Monroe pop art painting.

warhol marylin monroe paint by numbers kit


Celestial Mandala

Our Celestial Mandala Paint by Numbers Kit is an excellent way to relax. Have you ever heard of this special way of drawing things and ornaments in a symmetric and concentric way? It’s the kind of art that is often used for therapeutic purposes. The results are always beautiful and the way to finish them ever more! Try your first Mandala paint by numbers and enjoy the fun on your own.

Celestial Mandala Paint by Numbers


Tree of Life

If you're fond of nature and modern art, this combination of both will excite you. Tree of Life symbolism dates back many centuries ago and this artwork will have its significance at your home once you hang the finished canvas. Vibrant and beautiful , yet simple color scheme. It shines with beauty and positivity. It's one of the easy tree of life paintings that we offer.

easy tree of life painting

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