Why our Paint by numbers kits?

Our company’s first aim is the customer positive experience with painting by numbers. We look at each items so that our customers don’t have to struggle with anything later.

Paint by Numbers Canvas

You get a soft linen canvas with clear printing and sharp numbers. The canvas comes rolled in the package. That means for you no issues with folds or wrinkles.

Rolled canvas Paint by numbers shop

Acrylic Paints

We’re using acrylic paints, that are water solluble and they’re environmentally friendly. What’s also important to us is that the paints won’t irritate your skin and are absolutely safe this way as well. Strong pigments helps covering the printed lines and numbers on the canvas even with light color tones. In case it would happen to you, just paint it again after drying with one more coat and it’s done.

Acrylic paints Paint by numbers shop

Brushes for Paint by Numbers

We use brushes with very precise toes. The bristles are synthetic made of nylon. The handles are thin and ergonomic, light in your hand. You can be sure to reach a good level of detailing with our standard brushes. However, if you’re painting skills are advanced and your canvas asks for more details, we’ve got some premium detailing brushes available in our store.

Paintbrushes Paint by numbers shop

Customer Service

Whenever whatever happens, you can always count on our top-rated customer service. We’re there to make you happy with your purchase and come back again. That’s our top priority. Be it problems with the delivery service, damage caused by transport or things that make you feel bad about our products, we’re there to help you out.

Customer service Paint by numbers shop