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Collection: Lotus Paint by Numbers

Embrace the tranquility of painting a lotus flower with our paint by numbers kit. This kit is your gateway to creating a masterpiece, perfectly suited for both seasoned artists and beginners. The genuine quality of the canvas and the vibrant colors provided ensure that your artwork will be a stunning addition to any wall. As you paint, you'll notice the lotus flower come to life, symbolizing peace and purity in each brushstroke. This kit isn't just about painting; it's about the joy of creating something beautiful and the pride of hanging your own artwork.

Why our paint by numbers kits?

Discover why our paint by numbers kits are a top choice. Each kit includes a quality canvas that ensures a smooth painting experience, complemented by vibrant acrylic paints that bring your artwork to life. Our commitment to excellence is seen not just in our products but also in our responsive customer service, ready to assist with any queries. Plus, we offer the convenience of free shipping to most locations, making it easier for you to get started on your artistic journey. With our best paint by numbers kits, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a delightful and fulfilling artistic experience.

What's in the lotus paint by numbers kit?

Inside every lotus paint by numbers kit, you'll find a finely numbered linen canvas, ready for your artistic touch. A complete set of acrylic paint pots offers a spectrum of colors, matched perfectly with the included reference picture and its color codes. Three versatile paint brushes await your command, from broad strokes to fine details. And for those who appreciate a solid base, there's an optional DIY wooden frame, or you can select a pre-framed canvas to immediately display your creation. Transforming this kit into a personal work of art is not just simple, it's a delightful journey in painting.