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Collection: Forest Paint by Numbers

Our beautiful Forest Paint by Numbers offers a delightful opportunity to recreate vibrant colors of nature on canvas. In these numbers kits, each shade helps in illustrating the beauty of trees, wood, and various woodland flora. It feels like walking through serene parks, with leaves underfoot and the rich scent of timber in the air. Engaging in this activity, you get to appreciate the diverse green hues and the tranquility that a forest embodies. It is not just a craft; it's a personal journey through the soothing realms of woodland scenes.

Content of the Forest Paint by Number Kit

Inside the Forest Paint by Number kit, you'll find paint brushes and a set of non-hazardous paints. It has everything you need to start, including a high-quality linen canvas that ensures your artwork stands out. An optional extra paint set is available too, ensuring you have all the colors you require. Additionally, a clear reference sheet guides you through each step, making the process smoother. There’s also an optional DIY frame included, which perfectly complements and enhances your finished piece. This kit is thoroughly equipped, ensuring a fulfilling painting experience.

Other landscape ideas to paint by numbers

In our collection of canvases, you'll find a variety of scenes to capture on canvas. From the soothing expanse of the sea to the lively atmosphere of the beach, each kit offers a unique panorama to explore. If you're drawn to the rugged beauty of mountains or the serene charm of lakes, these kits provide stunning views to recreate. Each scene is designed to be easy to paint, allowing you to bring these beautiful landscapes to life with ease. Whether you're a nature lover or simply enjoy scenic views, these kits offer a delightful painting experience.