From Photo to Paint by Numbers

How personal photos can be transformed into custom paint by number kits.

The ability to turn personal memories into tangible pieces of art is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to paint by numbers. This unique approach allows individuals to take treasured photographs and transform them into hand-painted masterpieces, even if they've never held a paintbrush before.

The Appeal of Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers provides an accessible way for people of all skill levels to try their hand at painting. It simplifies the art-making process by breaking down complex images into sections, each labeled with a specific color. By following the color guide, anyone can create a detailed and beautiful masterpiece. This way of painting is fun. The Painting by Numbers Shop offers a variety of designs to choose from, but the real attraction is the option to convert a personal photograph into a custom paint by numbers canvas.

Personalized Artistry with Custom Painting

The idea behind custom painting is simple but impactful. The future ambitious artists can select any photograph—a cherished image of family members, a wedding photo, a beloved pet, or a memorable vacation spot—and have it turned into a paint by numbers kit. The outcome is a deeply personal piece of art that tells a story unique to the painter creating an unforgettable memory that you can display on your wall. The process is straightforward: the customer's own photo is broken down into a series of numbered sections, each representing a specific shade from the color palette.

A Journey from Photo to High Quality Canvas

Paint by numbers offers more than just an opportunity to paint; it's a chance to reconnect with special moments and bring them to life in a new form. With each dab of paint, the memory comes alive on the canvas, transforming a simple photograph into a hand-crafted piece of artwork. Whether an aspiring artist or someone looking for a relaxing activity, personalized paint by numbers presents a rewarding experience. And what's even better - it can become an amazing gift.

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Can I turn a picture into paint by numbers canvas?

Yes, as we said any photo can be transformed into a paint by numbers canvas. Actually, we do it for you. On our website, you will find more customized products for you where you need to do the following:

  1. Upload the image

    Choose any image you want to transform into an artwork. Try selecting pictures that are clear, not blurry. The people should have their faces big enough to be recognized even after turning the picture to paint by numbers. Correct lighting and shadowing is also an important topic - the objects should not be too dark, but too much sunlight can also do harm here.

  2. select the canvas size

    It depends on how big the canvas is. But consider larger canvases when you have a picture with more people or people who are standing at a distance from the photographer.

  3. choose the number of different colors the canvas kit should contain

    You can choose between 24 and 36 color schemes of the painting. The more colors, the more realistic look the artwork will get when finished. But also the more paints the more work and the more numbered elements the personalized painting gets. It's a balance of your painting skills, time and effort, and the quality of the outcome. In general, customers prefer 36 colors to reach a good quality painting.

  4. Selecting the frame option

    Every customer is different and everybody chooses what's best for them. If you prefer painting an unframed canvas on the table and only getting it framed once it's finished, you'll be fine with our "no frame" variant. But you get the rolled and unframed canvas + a DIY frame kit that you assemble on your own. The last option is to get your custom paint by numbers canvas pre-stretched on bars for a better way to paint.

What do you get in your painting kit?

Our painting by numbers kits contain all the things you need to finish the canvas. First of all the canvas is the heart of the kit. We have linen canvases with clear prints. Then you get 3 different size of paint brushes and a set of paints. Our high quality paint is environmentally friendly and doesn't contain any harmful substances. Quality and customer satisfaction is the key to our success and also our highest company value.

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