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Get your Mandala DIY Wall Art and enjoy the beautiful time spent creating a marvelous image. You'll be fascinated by how easy is to paint a mandala. It looks to be a tricky and complex project, but once you dive into the work, you'll be amazed at how fast you're progressing towards the finished canvas. If Mandala is not absolutely what you're looking for, then browse our Colorful Paint by Numbers canvas arts for inspiration.

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The Meaning of Mandala

Mandala is a part of Asian spiritual art. It's usually a circular picture represented by series of geometrical symbols layering up starting from the center towards the outer part. The word itself means „circle“ in Sanskrit. It also represents the man’s spiritual journey from the inner core outwards. Its origin is in Buddhist and Hindu religions.
The meaning behind painting a Mandala is to guide you to a meditative state. Meditation is so helpful in today's world. An ancient skill used by Buddhist monks is getting more and more popular every day. And it is all only because of the stress and chaos that controls our society and our minds. Many psychologists today recommend this as one of the mindfulness training to help people staying in the present moment and increase self-awareness. Mandalas were introduced to the western world by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl J. Jung.

Mandala Painting Kits

Painting is one of the art forms that are not so easy for beginners, but we decided to make it easier for everyone. Did you find a Mandala picture on the internet and you’d love to paint it? No worries, just send us the picture and we’ll make a custom painting kit for you.