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5 Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults

Is Painting by numbers suitable for adults?

The art of painting is well known for its positive attributes to the people who have this wonderful hobby. Paint by numbers as such can be considered as painting as well. These effects are the same. There are numerous posts and articles asking about the legitimacy of painting by numbers like:

  • Is Paint by numbers legit or not?
  • Can Paint by numbers teach you to paint?
  • Is it not cheating?

To all of those 3 questions, I can say just one thing: You hold the brush in your own hand. By moving the brush in your hand you paste some paint onto the canvas and the result is a painting. So is it legit or not? Yes, it is!

Now let's come back to our topic of the positive impacts of painting on our lives. We will mention the top 5 benefits of Paint by numbers in random order as they are coming to my mind.

paint by numbers - paints and brushes

1. Painting improves your creativity

As painting is a very creative approach to arts, it boosts your creative mind. Spending a lot of time in front of your canvas contributes to the development of the creative parts of your brain. This is fully working even when you fill pre-printed parts of the painting as the painting by numbers requires you to do. What contributes to this is the process of slowly visualizing the painting as it pops out of nothingness when you apply your paints. The more time you spend on painting in general, the more you develop your creative mind.

2. Paint by numbers boosts concentration

You know very well that your way to your own artwork is not as easy as might look. It requires a lot of time and dedication. But time itself will not make a painting. It's only you and your diligent work. The harder you work, the better your skills will be and the better the result. During your work you can't get distracted along the way, otherwise, you'll never end up having your masterpiece finished. Only concentration will bring you the results. Painting is actually training your concentration level as well.

3. Painting provides stress relief

All silent and peaceful activities provide stress relief, that's clear. Painting is an activity, that's done mostly in a quiet environment and in solitude. Many people swear that painting brings them so much peace and calmness. This is why this hobby is so important and highly rated as therapy as well. Recent studies found that painting helps so much that it's used as an "Art Therapy" method for healing anxiety and depression. The results are amazing and patients are improving their health and giving up drugs only a few weeks after starting this exciting activity.

4. Meditation

It's so popular today to meditate. Meditation has so many positive impacts on our mental and physical health, that we would need to write a whole book about that. But why do we mention meditation in connection with painting? Slow, quiet, and repeated motions can bring your body into a creative state called "flow". Flow is actually a meditative state where you're totally occupied by the activity and perform it in the most efficient and creative way. So instead of sitting for hours in the lotus pose trying to calm down your mind, just grab a brush and set of paints and start working. The process will grab you in the state of flow without even recognizing it. The best pictures to work on are certainly Mandalas. Mandala Paint by Numbers are a perfect way to enter your inner soul and enjoy the peaceful repetitive movements of the brush on the canvas.

5. Improvement of the painting skills

Last but not least is finally here - yes, even though you're painting by numbers, you're definitely working on your skills and improve them. It's a guided way and by repeating the same movements of brush you work on your painting skills more than you even think of. Even after finishing a few canvases you could be able to paint on your own. Some simple designs, but you could try it.

Did these 5 Paint by numbers benefits convince you to start? What is going to be your first canvas? Are you ready to paint some animals, landcapes or flowers?

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